Is serious skincare still on shophq?

Over the next few weeks, Serious skincare will be moving from ShopHQ. It's been great working with the amazing teams of merchants, hosts and production teams over the past 22 months, but it's time to say goodbye. What happened to the Serious Skincare line? Over the next few weeks, Serious Skincare will be moving from ShopHQ. Jewelry retailer Dallas Prince, who switched from ShopHQ to HSN back to ShopHQ, has now left that home shopping channel.

How sad it will be to never see them on a shopping channel again. I'll buy on your serious direct site. Rivals HSN, where the model-led businesswoman spent more than two decades making her Serious Skincare Beauty product line a bestseller. While trying to overcome devastating acne as a young model, co-founder Jennifer Flavin-Stallone discovered Serious Skincare after searching everywhere for a solution.

Jennifer Flavin's brand, Serious Skincare, a longtime saleswoman, has disappeared from the Florida-based home purchasing network.