Will skincare break me out?

When you start a new skincare routine or add new products to your current regimen, you may experience breakouts or flaking of your skin. This process is sometimes referred to as purging. This is a normal short-term condition in which the skin gets rid of underlying oil, bacteria, or dirt, according to Dr. Simply put, a skin purge is an outbreak that occurs when you start a new skincare routine with new ingredients.

You will notice outbreaks in the typical places where you always have them. For me, my usual rupture areas are the chin and cheeks. If you suddenly had an outpouring of white dots on your nose, that would be cause for concern. Before you start to panic, keep in mind that any pimples that seem to “come out of nowhere” when you start using new skin care products are normal, and once they disappear, they should be kept away as long as you continue to use the products.

He has contributed skincare and wellness items for Reader's Digest, Hello Giggles and The Pretty Pimple. I started a new skincare routine to fit my weird combination skin over 5 days ago, but now all of a sudden I have some kind of rash that starts on my chin, along my cheeks and cheekbones (where I don't normally have much trouble, it's almost like a V-shape that starts from the chin to the cheekbones and is not continuous, left and right have a different amount of rash). It may not be easy to distinguish between purging and skin breakout, as both involve acne. Skin purging occurs when the skin has an adverse reaction, such as increased breakouts and dryness, to the chemical ingredients in skin care products, specifically retinol and skin acids such as AHAs and BHAs, says Caroline A.

A skin reaction is different from normal breakouts because it results as a direct result of using a certain product or ingredient. When you start using a new skin care product with certain active ingredients, your skin will react with increased cell turnover, which normally starts the purging process. I have previously been using it as a spot treatment without any problem, but I started using it as a whole serum and I have come up with some white spots and a large cyst on my cheeks where I usually have breakouts. Not until I started using aha and bha in my skin care, it started to feel like a small pimple like a lump.

Purge diagnoses are clear and concise, for example, your skin could be breaking due to a reaction to an ingredient within a product that contains actives that stimulate cell renewal, so you could rule out an inflammatory reaction or intolerance such as a purge. Thank you so much for posting this, it was very informative and answered so many questions I had when I started introducing some new products into my skincare routine. I used to use products (recommended by my dermatologist) for 3-4 months all the time I went out, and all the time she said she was purging or the time of the month. The good news about purging is that it's temporary, the side effects are shorter than the standard rash, and ultimately it's a sign that the products you just introduced into your face are working.